Monday 18 March 2013

Bookmark Dump

These brightly coloured stamps. My mother had lots of these in her collection, and I'd really like a set of my own, brand spanking new, because of that. I took over my mother's stamp collection a few years ago, and I treasure it dearly.

A website full of lovely clipart for blogs - there are some wonderful bits and bobs on here!!

Basil Fawlty of the amazing 'Fawlty Towers' is actually based on a real person. I could not believe this. While watching it just last night I had to ask myself, in jest, "does someone like this actually exist?!" And when I pulled the leaflet out of the boxset's pocket, I found out that, actually, they did.

A ground pangolin, covered in huge scales, found in Africa.
It's like an armadillo, mixed with Sonic.

Google Reader is leaving on July 1st - but you can transport all of the blogs you follow with GR onto for free, instead! Read about how here.

This absolutely wonderful flora and fauna birthday party! I don't like kids, but I realise there are upsides, and birthday parties are one of them. Though, to be honest, I'd gladly throw one of these for myself. Unfortunately I honestly don't know enough people to make it all that huge, though.

Another Pixar short, this one is called La Luna and is shown on the Brave DVD. I adore it.


  1. What a crazy looking animal!!! It is totally a cousin of Sonic somehow!! I'm totally going to look at that clipart!! Thanks!

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