Thursday 21 March 2013

The Netherlands and Shop Vacation

   As some of you may know, Seeg and I are going to The Netherlands again in April. I am still looking for guest posters for that week. However, I also wanted to let you all know that because we will be away, both Peaches and Pebbles and Grumble Cave Monsters will be unable to ship for that week.

   Both shops will remain open, and all items will be purchaseable - likely with a limited holiday week discount code - but nothing will be shipped until we return. The estimated shipment date will be visible in the shops' announcements, and in their banners.
   If you'd like to have your goods shipped before we leave, please purchase before Wednesday the 10th of April.

   Gift cards, however, will continue to be emailed. If you purchase a gift card from Peaches and Pebbles you will still be emailed the code within 24 hours, as you would if I were still here.

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