Sunday 17 March 2013

Blog Take Over Opportunity

   Well, we're going away to The Netherlands again in the middle of April for another tooth-pulling session, so I'm sending out a plea for volunteers - not to have their tooth pulled instead, but to provide content for my blog. While I am sure I can compile a couple of posts for the week I am away, I thought I'd offer the opportunity to everyone else as a blog take-over instead.

   We'll be away from Friday the 12th until Saturday the 20th of April, so it would be great to have one new post every day from and including Saturday the 13th to Thursday the 18th. That's 6 new posts, one every day. That means that six of you can each write a post to be posted on my blog.
   The posts can be about anything you want - you can choose to interview a fellow blogger or Etsy seller, you can choose to write about your own shop, you can choose to write the sort of blog post you'd post on your own blog, or you can supply a tutorial, short story or advice post, or even have a giveaway. If you choose to post a giveaway, I will send it into to help gather more interest for it, but I cannot necessarily tweet/pin/facebook it constantly. I will have access to the internet while away, but I don't want to feel like I have to be online constantly. It's a "holiday" afterall. Dental or not. I will, of course, be able to approve (and read) blog comments.
   Feel free to include as many pictures and links as you like.

   The catch is this: it will not necessarily be the first six people to send me their posts, but rather the first six posts I receive that I am happy to post. Therefore, if I deem your post to be poorly-written, to be a little too self-promotey, or just a bit offensive, then you will not be chosen.
   This means that you CAN take your time, and I will update both this post, and the announcement at the top of the page as to how many more posts I need. It is not a race for first comment or anything like that, I want good-quality posts. Posts should be submitted to me by email in HTML format by Wednesday April 12th for consideration. Any posts submitted after that, or after the message at the top of the blog states there are no more positions available, they will not be chosen. However, if the post is particularly good even after all six spots are gone, I may consider scheduleing it for another point the following week.

   Each post will, of course, stay on my blog, they will not suddenly be removed (unless they offend people and I actually end up disagreeing with them), but they will only be live on the top of the blog for a day, unless I don't get enough takers.
   The writer can, of course, introduce themselves and provide a link to their blog and/or shop in their post, whatever the post is about.
   Please do not, however, include any of the following; if any are included, they will be rejected:
  • Racism
  • Homophobia
  • Politics
  • Religious material
  • Nudity

    As I said, please submit your posts in HTML format, by email, before Wednesday, April 12th.
   It will not be the first six posts I receive, but rather the first six good posts I receive. You will be notified when your post is scheduled to go up, and you are free, of course, to tweet, facebook, pin your posts and so on. You will not, however, be able to edit your posts. They will be posted as received.


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