Wednesday 6 March 2013

Marshmallow Sandwich Biscuits

   These are the biscuits that came of the 28th, alongside the cakes. Like the cakes, I used a marshmallow mixture to make them special. I only made these biscuits because I saw VividPlease's post about giant jammy dodgers, which I was going to make, until I realised we had no jam. So I resorted to marshmallow (Jam = Jelly to Americans, Jelly contains gelatin, so do marshmallows).
   I also learned something that explains every failed biscuit I've made to date: they're supposed to be soft when they come out of the oven. I used to cook them until they were hard, and I could never work out why they were always as solid as a rock - I'm serious, it was more like a snap than a crunch, and if there was a crunch, it was probably just your tooth. I had to look it up. Some things just don't come naturally to some people, and for me, that's baking.

   Anyway, so what I did was use a standard biscuit mixture, roll it into balls, press them down with my clean hands, and then to make them a bit more special I used a heart cutter. In truth, I was trying to make marshmallow dodgers, but I didn't have a rolling pin. I substituted it for a long glass, but the dough was a bit too weak - not sure what I did to it - and whenever I used a cutter it just fell apart. I managed about 8 hearts, 4 of which had little hearts cut out of them, but in the end I scrapped it and did this instead. I used the heart cutter to make an impression in the top of each cookies, so they all end up double sided.

   When they came out of the oven I was surprised to see that the dough had grown like that - like I said, some things just don't come naturally to some people. The hearts stood out a lot!
   Once they had cooled, I paired them up by size, and took the marshmallow mixture I'd made (keep it moving or it'll set, like I said in the cake post!) and put a small amount on the bottom of one of each pair, then sandwiched them together.

   The marshmallow set quite quickly, so while a couple of the biscuits did try to slide off, they stopped doing so within 10-15 minutes. The marshmallow set, adding a lovely softness to the centre of the biscuits. They could easily become smore-like if you added some sort of chocolate to them - or coated the entire thing in chocolate!


  1. I've never ever tried to make marshmallow so I admire you for that - and I think those biscuits look utterly edible, just wonderful.

    1. Thanks so much ^^ it's actually not hard - and I struggle with a lot of things! As long as you follow the instructions to whatever recipe you use you won't have any problems ^^


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