Thursday 14 March 2013

Goodbye Google Reader, Hello Feedly

   It was announced today - as I'm sure many of you know already - that Google Reader is leaving on July 1st. Google Reader is the platform with which many blogger blogs are followed and read, so this creates a problem for anyone who doesn't already follow blogs via and other such websites.
   However, has a solution. By installing the addon to your internet browser, it can seamlessly transport all of your Google Reader blogs to another location, so you can still read each of them with ease.
   You can read about the transition here. Feedly also offers a much nicer view of blogs than Google Reader.
   Personally, I will be sticking with BlogLovin', but I have transitioned over to Feedly as well. There are blogs I follow with GR that I don't follow in other ways. So I'm grateful to Dana from The Wonderforest for bringing this to the attention of her followers and fellow bloggers.

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  1. I have just done it. It works like a charm. I've logged in into Feedly and I already had all my Google Reader feeds. And when you edit some feed in Feedly, it's automatically synchronised with Google Reader too!


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