Thursday 31 May 2012

Taking a Very Brave Leap.

[Edit: It's begun. See part one here. I'll update every Friday, and put an archive together.]

   I'm going to do something brave - and I mean this. This is very scary for me. I have a fear of theft for things like this. I worry that I'll put the work in, be proud of the final thing, and have someone else steal the entire thing, slap their name on it and claim it as their own - these things happen with even famous people - in fact, from time to time, it's the famous people that steal things.
   But like I said, I'm going to be brave.

   Over the past week or so I've been contemplating writing a short story to post on the blog. The idea started out as just posting an entire short story in one or two posts. But if it was a short story, the world wouldn't be something I could dive too deep into, and the characters wouldn't be ones I'd be so attached to - and then I remembered that I am incapable of writing short stories. I can't make a world that I don't intend to dive into. I can't make characters that I can't get attached to. So I considered writing a normal story and posting it in many parts, like Looking For Group does - but with words, not comics. I can't do comics. The problem here, however, is that I think if I'm in the right mood to sit down and do some writing, I ought to put that work into the book I'm trying to pitch to agencies.
   However, I sat down last night to try to work some more on my trilogy - and found that, while I wanted to write, I couldn't write that. So I thought "fine, I want to write, but I won't risk writing the trilogy. I don't want to write drivel. I'll mess around and give the new story a go - it beats playing another three hours of pokemon and getting bored of it before I get my own DS" - judging from when we went to bed, it would have been about 5 and a half hours of Pokemon, not three.
   So I gave it a go. And this is where my bravery comes in. I tried to make it interesting, create some interesting characters and an interesting world and plot, but at the same time, not so interesting that if it were stolen I'd cry my eyes out for months and never risk anything again. What I post here is my original work. It isn't to be copied, and I have copyrighted it - you'd think I didn't have to, given the Berne Convention, but there we go - and while I have no intention to make money from it yet, that doesn't make it free for use.
   I have not and will not post anything that I do intend to sell. If I write enough, I may end up putting it together on Lulu and selling it myself, and maybe some illustrations of characters, but at this point, I may not go further than four posts. The longevity depends entirely on whether or not I can keep it up.

   Well, anyway, like I said, I started writing it last night. I don't want my posts to be too long, because I seriously don't want to bore people who aren't interested, and I expect there will be a lot, but I don't want to write it in seperate segments, so what I've done is just write it normally, and when I've reached a point where it would be appropriate to stop the post, I have. Some parts will be longer than others, but I'm hoping to update it weekly - fortunately this means I should only need to write like 4 or 5 pages a month, as opposed to the 44 pages a month target I have for my "professional" writing - I have little idea what else to call it. My aspiring writing? The book what it is what I wrote and want to use to buy house and foodz.
   So if you're interested, keep your eyes open! I'll probably get the introduction up this very week! I have no set plan for it yet, I just sort of started writing, so to be honest, I have no better idea of what will happen than you guys will while reading it. I am very excited about this!


  1. putting your work out there on the interwebz is always a scary thing (not even considering that it could be stolen/plagiarized by someone else). good for you for taking the chance!

    looking forward to the first part :).

  2. Taking that first step is the scariest! Good for you for putting yourself out there.

  3. Very cool! I have been thinking about doing something similar! Good luck with the process!



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