Wednesday 23 May 2012

Free Sponsorship For Ads up to August 31st!

   Yes, you heard me. I've recently changed over to Passionfruit Ads - yes, I'm following that juicy train! - and found the promo code button.

   I knew I'd not get any sponsors for a while yet, but I also began to think lately that I'm juggling an awful lot, and if someone were to purchase one of the ad spots, I may not be able to completely deliver my end of the bargain.

   I found a quick solution, though! Head on over to the sponsorship page, and at the top, you'll find the promo code. Scroll down, read the ad descriptions, pick the one you want and do as Passionfruit asks. Input the code and viola! Free ad. This applies to all three sizes, too!
   The point behind this is that if no one has payed me any money for their ad space, there's room for me to make noob-like errors. Maybe I don't tweet enough, maybe I tweet lots one week and not again for 2, maybe I didn't chase up people about giveaways or guest posts, who knows? But if these mistakes are going to happen - down to me not having some kind of monthly sponsor schedule - I'd rather they happened when no one has anything to lose. It might turn out that I need to add a single massive ad, or reduce the number of large ads, or change around trimmings to keep my blog running smoothly, and not sponsor-related-content-exclusive

   So go on over, look at the ad sizes and trimmings, pick what you want, make your ad (though it seems Passionfruit will stretch/shrink your ad to fit the size you've chosen if it's not quite right) and submit it. With Passionfruit, the ad will be put up straight away, and will run for 30 days from date of purchase. But be sure you use a contact address that I can reach you on, I'll need info for the monthly sponsor introduction posts.

   This will run as if you had payed for them - the only reason it's free is to leave me room for error. So go on ahead. I hope to see my blog's sidebar full of lovely new graphics!


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