Friday 18 May 2012

Dear Future Kim...

Dear Future Kim,

   I really hope you've got a clearer head on your shoulders by now, in 2012 you've been doing so well with keeping your feet on the ground and realising when things were futile or couldn't change no matter how hard you tried, and realising when things were truly worth pursuing. I hope we've kept this outlook. And that happiness is a choice, not always just a result.

   I also hope you're still writing. I'd imagine you were. We've been writing for 9 years already, it wouldn't make sense for five or ten years to change anything, especially since we're good at it and have some great ideas - someone needs to toot the horn, right? Also, remember, I don't care how many times you've been turned down by agencies - or publishers if you're lucky enough to have an agent - we do want this, and it's not worth giving up because everything we've written so far hasn't been worth a stranger who is just doing their job to take a chance on. The next thing we write could be it.

   I hope we've gathered up more followers on our pitiful little blog, too. It's been lots of fun putting it together, and it's a great way of keeping track of things we've decided to dedicate ourselves to - for example, I know I've failed with Project 52 at this point, and I wouldn't know that if not for the blog :D. We've also met some nice people - I hope we're still in touch, and that we've met more. And that you're still making jewellery. I understand you may be busy writing but surely you have the time to plonk down in front of the TV and squish up some clay.

   I'm a little apprehensive of writing this, because I've seen How I Met Your Mother, and I know things and plans can change - either by accident or on purpose. Though I like to think we'd know this without the TV having to point it out.
   But as long as you're happy, and healthy, that's the main thing. Also Seeg better be planning to propose soon. If he isn't, start laying down hints - and you know how bad he can be at picking them up, so don't be subtle!

   Lots of love!

   Present Kim x

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  1. This is so cute! I KNOW your blog will go far, miss. It's so pretty! Also, good luck with your writing! My mother-in-law is an author and is trying to become published, so I know it's an effort - an effort worth making!


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