Wednesday 23 May 2012

Ad Problems

[Edit: sponsorship has now changed to manual for the free offer.
Passionfruit will be used when fees apply]

It seems that for some of you the promo code isn't working. Be sure to enter it exactly as shown, as it's case-sensitive. Should it still not work, let me know and I'll refund the full price - but please know that payments from Passionfruit only come through to me on Fridays so all refunds will need to wait until the weekend.
Passionfruit doesn't work like Etsy. On Etsy, the payment goes direct to you, paypal take their cut, then you pay Etsy - but on Passionfruit, the money goes straight to them, they take their cut, Paypal takes theirs and then I get what's left, which comes through on Fridays.

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  1. Hey, girl! I'd love if we could swap. :D What size on my blog would you like - small or medium? I'll e-mail you once I know!


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