Thursday 17 May 2012

Dear Past Kim...

Dear Past Kim,

   Aren't you a funny little thing? Always changing your mind about what you wanted to be when you grew up, from a lollipop lady (I'm so sorry, they don't actually eat lollies all day :( ) to Britney Spears, and everything in between. Well unfortunately you're none of that, unemployed, and still living with your parents - though for a good, honourable reason. You've been working on writing a lot, been through a strange Emo phase and come out the other end with a good head on your shoulders, even though it might wander quite high into the clouds sometimes.

   You've also found a great guy. He is honest - brutally so, sometimes, but you can always trust his word - very funny, and plays the best video games (not to mention that he is almost always at the top in shooters). Lord of the Rings is his favourite film, and though he's hard to shop for and you might really want to give up with presents, you almost always come through in the end - but be aware that you do have to give him an unceremonious shove to get him to even look at Christmas and birthday presents for you, but nevermind!

   I'm also glad to say you've stopped throwing stupid hissy fits, you can (occasionally) put your opinions aside in arguments, and have realised that summer is not always a bad thing. You've also started losing weight! Yes, you exercise now. Hard to believe, eh? You've not got the body you've always wanted, but we've come to realise we're also not built that way, but you can still look good.

   You're also an aunt! None of us saw that coming. Your nephew is a (sometimes) sweet little boy who likes to dribble, hit and play with balls, but I assume that's what little boys are like. You've also learnt that if a child falls over and you make a fuss, they will cry, and if you leave them be to dust themselves down they'll be fine and keep playing. Unless it really hurt. But unfortunately you've also learnt you are just terrible with children. You don't know how to hold them or interact with them, in fact you treat Riley - for that is his name - like a dog. You once even pretended to throw a ball. And yes, he did try to find it. But you've also found that Seeg - you're wonderful Dutch boyfriend - is great with kids. If it all lasts, at least we know that one of us will be able to raise a child.

   Looking back, I believe I had a happy childhood, and I'm sure you'd agree, little Kim. You might have spent a lot of time wandering around the playground on your own, talking to yourself at playtime, but you were still happy. I wouldn't want to change anything. And I'm sorry that Pokemon cards got banned. Mrs Bower got no better as she got older - you'll see her again when you go into school for Amy's end of year play and she'll still give you evil looks, eventhough I'm quite sure she didn't recognise us.

   Love you lots you silly little thing,

   Present Kim x

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  1. This was so, so cute! Great post, Kim. It sounds like you have a really swell life and honestly, living with parents ain't all that bad. My gorgeous wife and I live with her in-laws due to money issues and mental illness. She's on disability and I'm trying, while also trying to work from home as an artist and a blogger. Living with other adults (as in, the parents) can be hard, but it's also a treat sometimes. ;)

    I'm one of your newest followers, BTW!!!


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