Friday 11 May 2012

Have You Heard? - A Sellers' Opportunity

   I've been all in a cuffuffle these past few weeks, and as such I have nothing crafty to share with you on my usual (ha!) Project 52 post day - instead, I offer sellers an opportunity.
   I recently made a trade with a friend of mine, but we decided to not only trade a product, but also a few business cards. The idea was that with each sale one of us made we'd send the other's business card with it. Our shops are different but both quite unique so it seemed like a good idea.
   But as I put one of her business cards into my most recent package, I added a piece of paper and wrote "have you heard?" on it - to make it seem less pushy and more like exciting news, but then an idea occurred to me: create an event where people send their own business cards to other sellers for the same purpose. Well I put a little more thought to it, came up with some rules, but also decided I'd need some supporters to help spread the word. I've contacted one such person today, and intend to contact a few others once I've created a button for the event.
   But for now I'll outline for you the most important parts:
·         It will be international - as long as you have a handmade shop, on Etsy, storenvy or anything similar and you ship internationally - you can join in, but you must be willing to send your business cards internationally too.
·         There will be deadlines - opt-in, opt-out and dispatch
·         Participants will be categorised by theme, not product. I don't wish to pair two jewellery makers or two stationery makers together, instead I wish to pair whimsical, nature, retro and so on.
   I've put a page together with the entrant details, the entrant form, full rules and a share button, but the button still needs work. When I have the page ready, and enough supporters, I'll announce here the deadline dates and get the event running.
   Don't worry if you miss out or can't join in this time around, if this goes well it will happen again a few months on. Successive deadline dates will be announced each time the previous one is reached so notice will be given.

   If you're interested in participating, keep your eyes open. I'm hoping to have the page available in the next few days, but when everything is ready I'll announce it.


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