Tuesday 15 May 2012


   I love Lush. I never used to, I used to think the handmade cosmetic stuff would never catch on. I was wrong. But a few years ago I went in there anyway, since it was different, and had a look about. I was only interested in bathbombs (my favourite that I've used so far has been Blackberry Bath Bomb - once it fizzes away, there's a sticker inside that says "boom!" It was awesome.), but in January this year, my dear friend Lucy bought me shower jelly (yes, jelly) and a massage bar from Lush. I'd never tried either, but was always interested in the jelly, so when I used it the first time, after a little confusion, I loved it! I've since bought a few more, and was then brave enough to try a face mask for the first time. I bought the Cupcake one thinking "mm, chocolate" - no, I couldn't stand it. I tried a different one afterwards, Love Lettuce - it smelt so good and left my face feeling so nice that it's worth putting up with Seeg following me around singing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Boyfriends, right?

   I placed an order with them online for the first time yesterday and it arrived already despite 2-4 day shipping!

   I've yet to use any of it, the Phoenix Rising and Dragon's Egg bath bombs (you just know I had to!) and The Comforter bubble bar were bought specially for my anniversary with Seeg, but the face masks and body butter are for me! And the best part was, these face masks cost £6 - I got a free one with the package! And they're so conservative with their packaging that if you turn in 5 clean, empty Lush pots, regardless of the product that was in them, you get a free face mask. I've got 3 clean, empty ones so far, and I'm half way through my cleanser, but these face masks last me a long time anyway.
   I always get so excited when I go to Lush, but the staff can be a little too eager to demonstrate their products - and that's fine if you're a first timer, but if you've already used several masks, you don't need to be shown how to use them or what skin type they're best for. Maybe it's just because I'm a shy person and also don't like to say "no thank you" but they always get me sat down and putting face masks on my hand. Seeg wanders off so he doesn't get cornered (no one is safe!) and I find myself desperately searching for an excuse, because a simple "I don't really have the time" never seems to work. I've considered just putting some earphones in my ears and putting the jack in my pocket and just going in and getting what I want. They'll never know the earphones aren't connected to anything!

   But I love Lush. I can't wait to buy again, and I really can't wait to use these new products, especially the bath bombs. There are dragon scales in the egg! :O

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  1. I love Lush products! I recently got some new ones and they are all so perfect.


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