Friday 1 June 2012

100 Day Challenge

   So I just saw this 100 day challenge over at Nest Building 101, and I decided it's possibly the best thing I could do right now. The idea is to set yourself a goal to better yourself for 100 days - well, I'm not sure my choice is bettering myself as a person, but it's certainly something I need a push with!
   I set myself a goal a few years ago to write 2 pages of  my novel a day, 10 pages a week, and about 44 pages a month in total (giving myself weekends as rest days) - to start with, while I was writing the first book of my trilogy, I stuck to it gloriously, and ended up writing a total of about 450 pages (I did slack here and there, but I was pleased with the out-come) and early this year, I finished the book. Though, now I've started submitting it to agencies (after proof-reading it again and again and again), I've barely written anything of my second installment.
   I'm writing the story for the blog now, too - this has given me a little more energy to write my novel, too, but I'm still finding it hard to sit down and open the file.

   Therefore, my goal is very simple: to try to write 1 page a day for 100 days, straight, weekends included. I expect most of those days I will exceed a single page - it's easy to get caught up in your own world - but I still need to write.

   So I filled out the participation form on Nest Building 101, and was instantly faced with an option to slack: start date. It's funny, but having to fill in a form and submit it to say "yes, I am doing this!" makes it seem quite real, but I'm proud of myself anyway, I set the start date to today. I do enjoy writing, but given the scale of my novel (a frickin trilogy), I can easily start to fall at boring hurdles - not every aspect of stories are great, I remember being profoundly bored reading about Treebeard in The Lord of the Rings - it just went on and on, but it was all important to the story.

   So from this day on, for the next 100 days, I WILL do something that I, frankly, shouldn't be putting off anyway. Wish me luck!

Sod's law says I get writer's block.


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