Saturday 2 June 2012

Fantasy Story - Kysharok - part 1

   "Woosh!" A child shouted as he and his small friends ran about, weaving throughout eachother and throwing invisible balls of energy, giggling as they were hit. These were no ordinary balls of energy, however: they were imaginary. Many children dreamed of growing up and learning to use Magic, an energy that anyone with the will power could learn to wield, and many that did went on to gain some kind of renown among people of all classes, whether it be through battle prowess, healing abilities, or just plain talent, be it put to good or bad use. Either way, almost every single sorcerer went on to have their name included in some kind of bard's tale or song, and had the power of the fifth element at their fingertips.
   Panicked chatter began near the children, but they continued their play regardless. Being so young, they should have sensed the power, but it wasn't until one young girl tripped on a rock that they saw the figure clad in black and red running in their direction. She barely had time to scurry out of the way before he bolted past them, his breathing haggard and one arm bunched up at his side.
   He ran past them, his robes whipping out behind him as he went, leaving the children and adults nearby who were clustered around market stalls all staring after him with fear in their eyes.

   He didn't notice the silence he left in his wake, all he could hear was his own ragged breathing, all he could feel was the red hot pain shooting through his side, and the burning of his legs as he ran and ran. He knew he couldn't stop, turn around and run back. He'd already gone too far to save anyone else. He'd done what he could, and had been rewarded thusly. He would keep running until he found the blue door.
   He didn't venture into towns and cities much, preferring to keep to himself on the outskirts or in smaller settlements. In fact, he couldn't really say why he had decided to ride into one such place that day, and while the outcome had been against him, he still thanked his luck that he had. It certainly gave him something new to fret about, and he had managed to save a dozen or so lives. That was the important part that he had to keep reminding himself of to shut out his shame.
   He knew he was slowing down, and in truth, he had no idea if anyone was still chasing him or not. He had run for miles, his robe-like Vankar allowing him all the freedom of movement he needed, and finally his strength was waning. But he was close. The tell-tale scent of Carcyli was slowly beginning to reach his senses.
   He ran faster with renewed energy the stronger it got, and managed to recover, losing little momentum, even as he stumbled over a large rock on the dusty road. He pushed his long brown hair back from his face, having come loose from its binding at the back, and was able to follow the scent with his sharper senses around the correct turns and bends until he finally found a familiar sight.
   He noticed the blue door immediately, as it stood out from the other old, wooden ones. He knew it was the correct place, the door being extremely familiar to him - his doubt was raised only by its location, but, as ever, the rare orange and yellow flowers potted beneath a window served to confirm the crumbling building's occupants. He knew he would be safe inside.
   He didn't allow himself to stop and rest before heading in, however - indeed, he didn't even knock. He grasped the cold handle, threw the door open, darted inside and slammed it shut behind him. Only then did he allow himself to fall to the floor, without even scanning his new surroundings.

I hope you liked it - I might still change the name, but I'll let you all know if I do ^^ This is part 1 of goodness knows how many, and I intend to update it every weekend. I'll make it easier to read by adding "previous" and "next" buttons to the bottom of each piece, too. This work is copyrighted to me by both My Free Copyright, and through the Berne Convention. Registered & Protected

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  1. What a great start to your short story Kim!
    It's so fantastic to get to see how you write after all this time :) I think it's amazing that you have the courage to share as I know that it's not easy to part with something so important to you.
    I love how quickly the story has opened as it is super engaging and I am already curious about what's behind the blue door too - I cant wait to get the next installment :D Good work!x


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