Friday 22 June 2012


I felt the need to write a blog post, but I have no subject. It's funny, really, because I have a guest post I'm supposed to write but I just can't get myself on with it. Now I know how my sponsors feel when I pester them for it!

Reading: 'The Imperial City' by Greg Keyes - I don't tend to read much these days, I've often found that if I read while I'm trying to write a book, I'm very likely to be influence by whatever I'm reading. Fortunately, however, I've found that, after having been working on this trilogy for almost three years already, the story is veeeryyy much engrained within my mind, and I have no danger of outside influence. I've rediscovered the joy of reading and I'm unable to put the book down.

Watching: Bleach - I hate anime, I do, it's not something I'm fond of. I watched Pokémon and Dragonball Z when I was a youngster and liked those, but I've always felt that anime infects people and turns them into KAWAII-spouting freaks who speak in memes and dress strangely. I realise now that they are only the extreme fanboys and girls, but I can understand the appeal of good anime. I'm at episode 110 now (Hooray, Bountou Arc has finally flipping ended), and I've also come to realise that a lot of what I see about other animes that looks stupid is taken out of context. There are walking, talking stuffed toys in Bleach - but they're not ridiculous because, as far as I'm concerned, after 110 episodes, they have a perfectly valid reason to do so, given what they actually are. If I'd seen this before watching any I'd never have touched it. But on another note, the villain is insane. I love Bleach if just for that. The bad guy, I swear, is one of the very last people you'd expect. It is awesome. My mind was blown. I'm desperate to tell someone all about it, but I don't want to ruin it on the off chance some of you intend to watch it in the future. And I love how individual and unique each of the 13 Court Guard Captains are as well!

Listening: Seeg - I don't really do music anymore. I used to be in bands, I used to sing, and I used to play bass - I used to live for music. Now it's just something I hear every now and then. The only music I'm exposed to now is the orchestrated wonders of Skyrim, TV and movie soundtracks, and the opening theme of the news. But I will admit that if I listen to music at all now, it's soundtracks. I need Pirates of the Caribbean, the music is fantastic. I have Kung-Fu Panda, because it's awesome, but by favourite soundtrack is the aforementioned Skyrim soundtrack - 4 discs, and signed by the composer. But at this exact moment I can hear Seeg laughing and speaking Dutch while shooting from...a forklift?

Playing: Skyrim - I am certainly obsessed. I don't like to stop playing one game and play another while the first is unfinished. We already had Skyrim when I started Oblivion, but I wouldn't even start Skyrim until I'd finished all the achievements. I almost managed, too! But Skyrim is wonderful. Seeg has 200+ hours of gameplay and I, with only 87, am still finding new, unexplored areas that he's never seen before. The game is just huge. The story is great, the quests are great, but there are so many side quests and factions that the main story line is only a small part of the game. I hate Draugr though. I hate them so much. And Dwemer ruins. Dwemer ruins moreso. I only get through them now because of Aura Whisper which lets me see where the nearest hostiles are, so if something is about to jump out at me, I see it first.

Following: I suppose I'm following Bleach, and still Looking For Group - I've been following the comic now for years, but the problem is that they only release one page every few days, and sometimes those are just filler pages that are individual scene-setting pictures. I have to leave it for a couple of months to have enough to sit down, read, and enjoy. It's why I hate having such short segments of Kysharok on here, but too long and it'll put people off. They will get longer as we get deeper into the story, though.

Eating: Cadbury Caramel Nibbles - I prefer Galaxy chocolate, but these were cheaper. And, y'know, I need some kind of chocolate.

Working: My book - I'm trying to keep up with the 100 Day Challenge, but I suppose I've already failed with that, technically. I've been going for 22 days, and while I have about 26 pages, I've only actually written about 5 of those days. However, if on the 8th of September I have written at least 100 pages from the start of the challenge, then on some other level, I'll have succeeded.

Making: High Elf My Little Pony - You already know I'm obsessed with Skyrim (though Oblivion is also quite good, it's just quite different to the rest of the Elder Scrolls series), and I've wanted to customise a MLP for a few years but never really looked into it. When it comes down to it, it's not that hard, just time-consuming - but then again, I've not tried to do a full-body repaint or dye one yet. I bought a Butterscotch G3 for £4, and at this moment in time she is headless, has no bottom symbol, magnet or heart on her hoof, and she is also bald. I had bought some Kanekalon hair to use, but it's too stiff and not silky enough, so I've had to buy new hair of a different type. When it's finished, or at the very least, I'm half way through, I'll post about it. I'm also still planning out my Nightingale Bow.

Well, that successfully wasted 20 what?


  1. Oh, my husband loves to play Skyrim too. :)

    1. It's a really immersive game, I can waste days on it if I'm not careful! It's my boyfriend's game and xbox, though, so fortunately he uses it more than I do - forces me to do other things ^^


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