Tuesday 26 June 2012

A Little Blogger Disappointment

To clarify, this has nothing to do with anything specific, 'nor is it a passive aggressive attack or an insult in disguise, it's merely something I've noticed over the past few months, and I wanted to bring it to attention so that perhaps others who feel the same know it's not just them, and so others who are doing well hopefully won't fall into the same pattern.

   There are some bloggers out there - I sha'n't name names - who seem like very respectable individuals. They do well for themselves with their blog and probably also their shop, and perhaps they also make some pleasantly unique tutorials, points and general posts. They can be quite interesting individuals.
   I doubt sponsoring is a new thing, and perhaps I was just idolising these bloggers and viewing them through rose-coloured glasses due to their success, but lately it seems that all a few bloggers care about is getting sponsors. Sure, I mention it, because I'd like to get my blog out there a little more by having people sponsor me as equally as myself sponsoring others, but there are no fees for my ads and probably won't be for some time - and when they are, they'll be as low as like $3 to $5, which is even less in GBP.
   But these bloggers always seem to act as though they care what their readers think, and appreciate them - and perhaps they do, but only as far as their own gain. The second you contact them and ask them for help on spreading the word of something, or help with HTML or advice on blogging tips (things I've not asked of in a while), they either don't want to help, or they completely ignore you. It's very strange. What's the use pretending they haven't read my message? It's obvious they check their email on an almost daily basis, given their success, but they can't muster a single-sentence reply?

   Not every successful blogger is this way, but some of them, if you try to pitch them an idea, they won't offer to help unless you pay sponsorship - and sponsorship of a certain level. Nevermind that you've followed them for a long while or you've even been there to help them the occasional time they have questions or need help. It's as if they won't think for themselves anymore, they will only help if you sponsor high enough, regardless of what the subject is.

   I'm not saying sponsoring is bad. Some people are truly great bloggers, but with the rate of unemployment at the moment, sometimes sponsoring is a nice, tiny bit of extra cash to put towards some new washi tape or craft supplies or something.

   I suppose what I'm badgering on about is that I won't be this way. I can appreciate that sometimes people can get great ideas, but those ideas will fail and flop around like a fish out of water and not get very far because those same people don't have the necessary audience or know-how to get it to succeed. Therefore, if anyone else ever has a competition, participational event or what not (and no, I don't just mean link-ups and blog hops, I mean bigger things) that they wish for help with spreading the word, drop me a line and I will be pleased to help.

   Believe me, this post isn't aimed at anyone, it's not some passive aggressive stab, it's just an observation I've made over the past few months that range across a lot of big blogs. And as I said before, not all of them are that way. But if by any chance a successful blogger is reading this, please take into account that people don't always ask for your help or for you to promote something because specifically of who you are, but rather your reach and audience far exceeds that of the individual trying for help. Take it into consideration the next time you purposely don't respond to a request someone has made. "No thank you" is better than complete silence and static.


  1. I ABSOLUTELY agree with all you wrote! The one place I have found some help was in the Better Blogger Network, some people actually went to my website just to give me pointers on how to improve the design, and gave me some really good constructive criticism.
    Feel free to contact me if you ever need any help, although I am new at this bloggin world, and sure I have tons to learn before I can help a soul!

    1. The Better Blogger Network is a huge help, isn't it? But I suppose the people who hang around there actually want to help. The problem is that sometimes you might want help with something that you've seen on someone else's blog and you know they could help you, and they don't bother themselves with it.

      Thank you for the offer, I'll be in touch if I need anything, and feel free to contact me in return ^^

  2. I expect such behaviors from sellers not bloggers but then again, I don't do sponsorship but I think it's always good to be courteous even in saying 'no thanks.'

    hope you have a sweet day.

  3. Although not all my sponsorship spots are cheap, I pride myself on returning emails. Even if it's so say, "Sorry, I have no way to help!" I make sure to return the comment of EVERY SINGLE PERSON that comments on my blog because to me it is SO important to let people know that what they say matters.

    I hope you know that I am so excited to have you as one of my sponsors. And if you ever email me with a question or concern I will email you back, even if it's to say, "I have no idea how to answer your question."

    I do agree, some bloggers seem to have gotten very big egos. And that, for lack of a better word, sucks. But like you said, not all bloggers are like that. And the ones that aren't... well, we're pretty awesome.

    1. I have indeed noticed you're not one of those kinds of bloggers ^^ And it does suck that so many bloggers have become so business-like about blogs, because it's something that could affect their readership - not much, perhaps, but a little :P

      And thank you for the compliment ^^ I'm happy to be sponsoring! I'll probably return for payed sponsorship since you're so lovely and your blog is wonderful ♥ which I don't do with most people


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