Monday 1 May 2017

May: Flow Movement; Floor Flow

& Flowbility Floor Flow Review

   At the start of the year, I made a new year's resolution to back off of exercise. For the duration of 2016 I worked so hard and never gave myself a break, and I didn't get the results I deserved. So I worked even harder, choosing ever more demanding workouts that promised results, and didn't dare to take a day off even when I needed it due to sickness or injury - which I was more likely to suffer from when burned out - and I still didn't get those results.
   My new year's resolution to back off was intended to counter that. I figured that maybe I wasn't getting anywhere because I was working too hard. It's proven true. I'm seeing results now.

   That said, it's still difficult. I'm still not giving myself the rest when I really need it. I still won't miss a workout, though I have reduced the time I spend on it and allocated another rest day, but that means I'm still putting myself through too much. So another change I decided upon was to try a lower-impact workout every couple of months. That way I can keep moving, but my body gets the chance to recover. In March I chose to do Kelta Fit, a Scottish dance workout, simple cardio rather than HIIT, and I saw some good results that month, and I regained my energy and enthusiasm.
   Last month I used Jillian Michaels, and next month I will again, so I decided that this month I'd do something simpler.
   Though, 'simpler' is a relative term.

   This month I'm giving Marlo Fisken's Flow Movement a go. I came across it via FitnessMagazine where it was introduced as a dance-yoga fusion. I looked into it and thought it looked really interesting - it's more about movement than it is about heart rate and strength, which means it could be excellent for joints, flexibility, transitions and stretching, without being a strain. But because it's so low-impact, unusual and complicated, I decided to try one of their sample videos before dedicating a month to it. I was surprised by just how different it is. First of all, it can be quite uncomfortable for your knees and joints on the floor, because you can't use a mat or use a carpet because gliding is a big part of the transitions. So while you can use folded leg warmers to pad your knees, it's not going to be a comfortable workout.
   It's also a lot about control, and strength does come into that. Pushing yourself up from one position to the next and then back again with good form and pacing can be really tough - it's similar to a full vinyasa in yoga, like a sun salutation at full-speed, but it's a lot more dynamic. The movements aren't typical, and symmetry is less involved than in yoga.

   I'm using Floor Flow, Session 1 - a series of six 'tutorial' videos that teach and flow through moves that keep you on the floor - which lasts about 30 minutes. There are more sessions, but I'm not going to invest in them until I'm comfortable with session 1, or have grasped and grown bored of it.
   I don't honestly know what to expect, and I'm admittedly dubious about using this for a month rather than a 'real' workout, but I'm forcing myself to recall my resolution, and that I made it for a reason. To be fair, Marlo states on her website:
'Flow Movement is not a gimmick.  When I asked fitness industry marketing professionals what they thought of my ideas, they were quick to recognize the innovation, but just as quick to tell me I needed a claim about looking good or losing weight or some other nonsense. I will not promise you amazing abs, great workout hair, or better sex. While your life could change by doing these exercises, that is your journey. I'm just here to share my experiences and reacquaint you with your body.' - About Flow Movement
   So I don't expect anything more from it than an opportunity for my body to calm back down after last month, and perhaps slightly improved grace in movement. Otherwise, I'm anticipating an interesting and alternative 'movement session'.

   Also - of course - new capris. Gisele from Fabletics. Mesh panel, gorgeous black, grey and blossom pink watercolour splashes. I've wanted watercolour print like this for so long, but no one has wanted to make one. So I bought these the moment I saw them. And I'm glad I did because they sold out within a couple of days and haven't yet been restocked.

   I'll blog again in 2 weeks, as always, and update you all on what it's like. The full program review will be up on June 4th and linked at the top of this post, so if you're interested in a full write-up, be sure to come back then!


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