Friday 5 May 2017

Friday Favourites

I'm still obsessed with Breath of the Wild - I don't really have any game-related jackets or anything, but I'm desperate for this 'Write Your Own Legend' hoodie - it has a peak on the hood and everything! And I'm also head over heels for Pulsin's new packaging, and especially their peanut and chocolate chip brownie. It's so good that it's actually suspicious. I'm stocking up.
And despite the initial disappointment with Mass Effect Andromeda, and the remarkable similarities between its story and that of the original Mass Effect trilogy, I am actually really enjoying it. I loved the original trilogy, and though a lot of the details seem to have been unimaginitively repeated (you can't tell me the Kett aren't remotely the same as the Collectors), many of those are details I loved. All that's missing is Legion.

Delicious Guava by Yankee Candle   ♥   Mass Effect Andromeda


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