Wednesday 31 May 2017

Flowbility; Floor Flow - 4 Weeks Later

   Flow Movement has provided an interesting month. A frustrating, bruising month. It truly is a mixture of dance and yoga, and it takes so much grace and control to execute it properly - grace and control that you will only really develop with practise. The movements aren't like anything I've seen anywhere else, and as there's a lot of core and upper body strength involved, it is very refreshing, but it's also very difficult to grasp, and that makes it frustrating.

   I used Session 1, which consisted of six tutorials totalling about 25 minutes. But it took me two weeks to be able to progress past tutorial 3 because they were so hard to grasp, and even then I ended up giving in to one movement because I wasn't brave enough.
   You can't use a mat or a carpet because you won't be able to move properly, so you need a smooth, hard floor, and when you're pivoting onto your shoulders, it can really hurt. It gets better in time, but it took a month to get to that point, and that can be really off-putting.

   The movements are also hard to follow while doing it because, using Seeg's summary, 'spinning around on the floor' makes it difficult to keep your eyes on the screen. If you learn by watching first, that's not a problem, but if you learn by doing like I do, it's very challenging to keep up with. Which makes it frustrating, and you will begin to feel nauseous, which only makes it worse.

   Having said all of that, it is immensely satisfying when you start to get it, when you're able to flow through a sequence and keep it going - and you really do flow with such grace when you get familiar with it - and that returns the enjoyment.
   When I reached that point, I found my heart rate rose and I began to sweat, which surprised me until I thought about how much effort goes into lifting your body and moving it so slowly and precisely. It's not necessarily a workout that's going to improve weightloss - it's more something to improve strength, grace, flexibility and co-ordination - but it did turn out to be  more demanding than I expected.

   After four weeks, I managed to familiarise myself with four of the six tutorials, and loosely grasp the final two. I feel - and it's silly to say - sexier and more confident in my body, which is rare because my self confidence has always been below average - I'm sure you've noticed the bare minimum number of pictures of me on my own blog - and I've also felt more confident and aware of my general movement.
   I'm working on a full review, but after my little holiday last week, I'm a bit behind on everything, which is why this post is late. But it will be up, in good time!


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