Friday 19 May 2017

Friday Favourites

This week I've been pretty excitable. It was my 7 year anniversary with Seeg on Wednesday, which meant that I baked for the first time in forever, and with my dad taking my mum away next week, my responsibilities as a full-time carer are suspended and I can actually relax. I can stay in bed beyond 6:30am, I can eat tricky food like rice and noodles which we never have because my mum physically can't eat them, and I can watch/play video games all day long and really dive into redrafting my next book. I. Can't. Wait.
It's the little things.
And this week I've been yearning for this Belle & Rumple Once Upon a Time dress, envying the artistic skill of Faebelina, and enjoying a gorgeous salted caramel protein shake after every yoga/Flowbility session. Hell yes! Though with next week's menu, I expect I'll have to add some kickboxing into next week's workout schedule...but it'll be worth it!

Belle & Rumple dress   ♥   PhD salted caramel protein shake
Faebelina's art feed   ♥   Winn mid rise capri by Fabletics


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