Friday 12 May 2017

Friday Favourites

I'm so excited for the weekend. I've been so drained this week, but I'm super excited about a little vacation in a couple of weeks so I've been gathering up some recipes I want to try, and as simple as it is, crab fried rice is one of them - along with the old favourites like okonomiyaki.
I'm also head over heels for my new grey skinnies. I used to loathe my legs, but since I fell in love with lower body workouts (epic for fat burning as well as leg-sculpting), I've equally fallen in love with my legs. I have no fear of super-tight light trousers.
Also, this cookbook, which I stumbled across in this month's Women's Fitness magazine, and this pink stegosaurus mug, both of which I need rather urgently.

The Woks of Life's crab fried rice  ♥  Super skinny grey jeans from H&M
Eat Better, Not Less cookbook  ♥  Stegosaurus cup by EARTHLINGSporcelain


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