Friday 28 April 2017

Friday Favourites

   I've been crazy busy this week, redrafting my book, working on custom orders from Myth of the Wild and planning out a birthday cake for my sister (happy birthday you little weirdo), so I do like these simple posts!
My best friend, Lucy, introduced me to Once Upon A Time a while ago, and while I typically hate fairy tales, don't read them, won't write anything like them, I admit that I do like a nice romance and a happy ending. Even if I never read or write those, either. In fact, I fell head over heels for the show and finally bought the box set (I'd only seen up to season 3), and it's my only real source of silly love stories and drama. You know me - my DVD collection consists of documentaries, fantasy movies, Star Trek box sets and some stand-up comedy. I'm a varied sort of person.
I also love Wild Bangarang's new fitness tops, especially their clever 'belle' kettlebell tank.
And also Doisy & Dam's date and Himalayan pink salt chocolate bar is officially my favourite chocolate bar in the world.

Once Upon A Time   ♥   Belle tank by Wild Bangarang
Washi tape   ♥   Date & Himalayan Salt chocolate by Doisy & Dam


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