Sunday 2 April 2017

Kelta Fit - 4 Weeks Later

   Ahhh, Kelta Fit. It's been a wonderful four weeks, genuinely so enjoyable, and what a novelty to not eat my breakfast while dreading the tough workout coming an hour and a half later.
   Though I will admit that the rose tint began to wear off around the middle of the third week - it took a while, but it finally began to hit me how demanding the workout actually is. The moves are simple enough to pick up in your first run-through, which means most of your time is spent moving, not learning. Perhaps it's because the moves aren't complicated; you can put your focus into the intensity, and with music like that, you really want to jump and hop and skip about. Perhaps that's where the real difficulty comes from: the fact that it's comprehensive.

   But despite gradually realising how tough the workout is (once the music started, the first inklings of dread were always chased away), Kelta Fit has decidedly become a new staple for dance cardio. It's not as high-impact as Kukuwa, but it's such a very, very different thing, it's loads of fun and I actually get a sweat out of it, which I don't from most dance-workouts that aren't Kukuwa. Which means that now I have a completely different dance option when I'm looking to add a little extra cardio in after a resistance workout, one that's a little lower-impact but certainly effective, and one I'd be able to summon the enthusiasm and energy to do.

   I didn't expect much from Kelta Fit, and I said as much in the initial post at the start of the month. I expected some of the sequences to just be resistance because most other dance workout DVDs have sequences of dance-inspired toning moves, like barre, especially indie workouts like these, and that's why I was additionally dubious about the impact of the workout. But it's turned out to be so much better than I expected! It exceeded expectations and almost met my hopes - the one single area it slips up in is the fact that there are only 4 sequences, not 6, so I now feel like I've been robbed of another 18 minutes of amazing dance routines. And that's a bummer.
   But. Seeg - Mr Brutally-Honest-Whether-I-Want-It-Or-Not - says I look and feel like I'm losing weight again, which means that my plan to back off of constant high-intensity workouts is working, and that this workout, one I thought would be ineffective because it was low-impact, is actually just as epic as it is fun.

   I feel guilty for being surprised.
   I'll post the full review a week today - Sunday 9th. Come back then if you're interested in more technical and practical information about Kelta Fit.


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