Thursday 13 April 2017

I Can Move Nearly Now The Sprain Has Gone

   I know, right? I'm full of them.

   So, as you may remember, I managed to sprain my ankle on my last session of Kelta Fit, right before I wanted to revisit Killer Buns & Thighs for April. I wanted to do a high-impact workout as a pre- and post-Easter burner, but an injury like that isn't very good for jumping lunges, you know?
   Well, it wasn't an extreme sprain, and as a few days ago I started to feel just fine again, I took the chance and gave it a shot yesterday.
   My ankle was fine, though I paid close attention to how I was moving it and I replaced side lunges with sumo squats - not exactly the same thing, but, given the circumstances, more than good enough.

   But I have to say: it was so hard. And I mean in my quads. Ouch. It's really strange, because there's no reason that a small injury in one ankle and taking care over it while moving could have such an impact on both thighs. I struggled with everything - or, rather, everything was a challenge. I could do it all - I've done this workout before - but my goodness it was as if I hadn't ever done a thing like it!
   I'm so used to doing this kind of workout. I find it maintainable, and I can use the intermediate and advanced mods. But last month I made a change and used Kelta Fit - a cardio dance workout with minimal resistance - and I really do think that that is responsible. Taking a month away from resistance, as much as I love it, seems to have reset my body and all of a sudden, beginner modifications on level 1 are challenging. It was ridiculous!
   But it made me happy.

   This 'body reset' seems to have made my old favourites - workouts I used to find so easy - a challenge again, and that means that they will yield great results. My flexibility hasn't reduced, it's purely the strength and power in my legs. I can perform the movements for the full duration, for the most part, but it really burns, and I find myself struggling sooner than usual, and some sets I did have to stop half way through. Only for like, 2 seconds, but still.
   Everyone is different, and I love lower body workouts so my lower body is quite strong thanks to the effort and time I've put in, so for me to be struggling on this workout is strange. But, as I said: results.

   I'm not going to push too hard because I don't want to aggravate my ankle, but I'm actually quite pleased by how challenging it is. I'm going to take a month every now and then to do a low-impact workout and break up the intensity - I've already found one for next month - and I'm going to see if that really is what has made a difference.
   Time will tell!


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