Wednesday 26 April 2017

Killer Buns & Thighs (and a mobile ankle)

   I wasn't really sure how things were going to go this month after I sprained my ankle at the end of the last, but it turned out to be a mild sprain and I only had to miss about a week and a half because of it, which was great for Easter. And believe me, I needed that after Easter Sunday!
   The funny thing is, though, that I've done this workout before, over Christmas, and I got on just fine with it, but this time around my legs just couldn't keep up with it - it was nothing to do with my ankle because it was in both thighs. But that struggle was actually awesome - it was a challenge again, things that became easy for me long ago have become difficult again, and I think it's because I took some time away from it to focus on Kelta Fit through March, which was cardio rather than resistance training.
   Wow, so many back links...

   Anyway, it was wonderful having a challenge again because that means I get results. When things become easy, you plateau. The fact that I struggled so much with it meant that it did something.
   I still have one more level to do - I've been doing each level once through the week. Monday was level 2, which I've found the hardest, Wednesday was level 3, which I found sort of middle-ish, and Saturday has been level 1 followed by some cardio. Friday has been an upper body workout while Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday have been rest days. It's been rather nice starting with the one I find the hardest because it gets it out of the way and helps to work off the weekend, and it's also nice knowing right now that I've just got level 1 to go. Yay!

   It's also been a generally productive month. I've been working on a few custom orders for Myth of the Wild, as well as a future collection and pieces for next year's art exhibit, and I also finished the first draft of my book a few days ago. I have since started the next draft and I've got two chapters down already, and I'm feeling quite good about them. And daunted about the rest. I'm trying to forget about that and take it one chapter at a time.

   Next month's workout will be quite different and, mercifully, much lower impact. I'll talk more about that on Monday. And I obviously won't be posting a DVD review about this next weekend because I already wrote one in January.


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