Sunday 6 November 2016

PIIT28 - 4 Weeks Later

   Wow I am glad those four weeks are over. Never - truly never - have I been so proud nor surprised to have finished a workout. PIIT28 has been insane. You know how I usually tack on extra cardio if the month's workout is more resistance, or resistance if it's more cardio? Well, that's become my standard set-up, resulting in about 40-50 minutes of exercise a day.
   I could not do that this time. Seriously. I did for the first week, adding on 20 minutes of dance, but then on Sunday when I had my rest day (because I knocked the calendar on a day so I could keep Sunday open rather than Saturday and throwing my week off), I felt the full force of all that work. I decided then and there that that was it, if I was going to use PIIT, I would only use PIIT. It was a difficult decision because I get seriously in my head about it and I really thought I'd crumble and return to overworking myself, but I'm so proud that I didn't. I stuck with doing only those 28 minutes of work, and believe me, it was enough. In fact on the third Friday, when I did 1.5 Lean Body for the second time, I was so exhausted  could have fallen over, and so slick with sweat that I probably wouldn't have stayed where I landed. It was intense, and it was awesome. And it was enough.

   But it was a very, very challenging workout. Not for the moves, nor for the fact that it was 6 days a week rather than 5, but rather because of the HIIT structure of 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest. Those 45 seconds had you going flat-out, and those 15 seconds were only just enough for you to convince youself you could do another 45 seconds. That structure of higher intensity work and enforced rest was new for my body, and it was great.
   And it was effective. Remember I was on holiday for the first week of October? And that I ate cake at least once every day? And that I realised in the airport on the way there that I realy should have packed a belt and that by the time I got home I didn't need the one I'd bought out there? Yes, well I lost all the holiday weight in a week and a half. Seriously. Without going on a stupid diet, either, I just returned to eating how I usually did before I went away - clean, but not without a little bit of chocolate every few days.

   PIIT28 was intense and has yielded some amazing results. I feel great, I feel stronger, prouder, and I haven't got enough thumbs to express how great the workout is.
   Fortunately, I'll be posting my review a week today, so that should help.

   Otherwise, I'm taking a small 2-week haitus from new workouts. I have something lined up that I want to start mid-November and use for 6 weeks which will carry me through Christmas to the end of the year, allowing me to start something new in January, so for the next two weeks I'm probably just going to use whatever workout I want each day rather than dedicate myself to anything in particular. I've got lots of workout DVDs, books an online routines I'd love to revisit, and this is my opportunity. So you won't be hearing about a new workout until the 21st.

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