Tuesday 8 November 2016

Last Christmas Order Dates

   Yes, I've finally worked out my final order dates for guaranteed Christmas delivery on my Etsy orders! They're displayed in my shop's announcement and shop policies, so they're easy to find, but I'm posting them here, too. Orders placed after the dates will be processed right away and shipped out as soon as possible, and they could certainly still arrive in time because postal services do up their game for the Christmas season, but I can't guarantee it.
   So, here are the dates!

USA & Rest of the world: December 2nd
Canada & Europe: December 9th
UK: December 16th

And, for those interested, there are presently only 6 domestic shopping weeks left until Christmas, and 4 weeks if you're buying from overseas! So whether you're buying from me or not, keep these in mind to avoid general delivery disappointment!


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