Saturday 19 November 2016

Christmas Pudding Plush Sewing Pattern

   I've got something special for the blog today! I'm fully in the Christmas spirit - you may have noticed - and I've decided that for this year's NaBloPoMo I would make some Christmas crafts rather than recipes, because at the end of the day, it's usually just cakes. And I end up eating them all.
   But this cake is not edible. It is cuddleable, it is loveable, it is Christmassy and it is easy. What more could you want?!
   So today I'm sharing with you all a Christmas pudding plushy sewing pattern I made a few years ago. I can't sew to save my life, and I am especially hopeless with a sewing machine. And so, it's safe to say that anyone can make this cuddly Christmas pudding.
   I've included the super-simple templates you can print out and draw onto the back of your fabric. But I am not a very technical seamstress, and so my instructions are simple. The size of the plush depends on how big you print the templates. They're all at the correct ratio to one another, so if you scale the image to 50% or 200% it will all be scaled correctly.

You Will Need:
1/4 metre of dark brown fabric (I used black/brown faux minky fur)
1 sheet of white felt (I used about 30cmx30cm)
1 sheet of green felt (same as above)
Red pom pom balls
Needle/sewing machine
White thread (I used thick embroidery thread)
Green thread
Red thread
Black/brown thread
Toy filling
Optional 2 safety eyes (I used black 21mm eyes)  

1. Print the above templates, resized to your desires - they're all in the correct ratio to one another, so printing over 1 page, two pages or four pages won't affect that.

2. Take your dark brown fur/fabric and turn it face down. Draw around the Body piece four times, leaving approximately 2cm between each piece. Cut the pieces out - don't cut along the lines. Instead, cut around them 1cm out from the lines - this is why we left a space.

3. Take your needle and dark thread. Take two Body pieces and put them together so that they are facing each other. Use a running stitch and sew them together down one side from top corner to bottom corner. Take a third Body piece and sew one edge down to the remaining edge of one of the other pieces. Take the fourth and sew one edge down to the other edge. Sew the final two edges together, but only sew half way down.

4. Turn the ball the right way out. If you are adding eyes, choose your positioning, cut a small hole and push the eyes through. Fix the safety backs on.

5. Fill the ball with toy stuffing then use a ladder stitch to close the hole.

6. Now draw around the Icing template onto the white felt. This time, cut along the lines. Pin the white felt icing to the top of the ball and use your needle and thick white thread to stitch it down. This stitching will be visible so try to keep the size of the stitch consistent.

7. Now draw around the Holly Leaf template onto the green felt three times. Cut along the lines of each piece and sew them down using the green thread. I only sewed down the first 1cm of the leaves to allow them to stay flexible and to keep them lifted away from the pud.

8. Take your red pom pom balls and your red thread, then sew the three balls down to the middle of the holly leaves using a static ladder stitch - meaning you're stitching over in the same place.

You're done!

   Making it with a sewing machine will be much quicker than by hand and will allow you to make more, should you want to, but I did it entirely by hand and so I know it certainly works that way.
   These cuddly Christmas pudding plushies make great novelty DIY Christmas decorations or gifts, and you can use any fabric you wish. If you make any, do take a picture and let me see! I'd love to add your creations to this post!

NaBloPoMo November 2016


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