Tuesday 29 November 2016

#BlackFriday #CyberMonday Sale Ends Tonight!

   My Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is coming to an end tonight! I've extended it so that all time zones get the chance, but as soon as I get up tomorrow morning, I'm deactivating the discount code and that will be it!
   So don't miss out because this is my final sale before Christmas, and there are still free gifts left! I balanced the stock of them perfectly, it seems.

   We're also running up on the first of the Christmas ordering deadlines - December 2nd is the last call for orders to the US, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and so on. The full list of dates are visible in my shop, but here they are again anyway:

USA & Rest of the world: December 2nd
Canada & Europe: December 9th
UK: December 16th

   Orders placed after these dates will be processed as quickly as any other order and shipped out promptly, but I can't guarantee that they will arrive in time for Christmas as they will likely be shipped out after the final recommended posting date as laid out by shipping and courier companies.
   And, for those interested, there are presently only 3 domestic shopping weeks left until Christmas, and 1 week if you're buying from overseas! So whether you're buying from me or not, keep these in mind to avoid general delivery disappointment!



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