Saturday 7 November 2015

New Christmas & Winter Jewellery

   For the last few years I've wanted to get winter pieces up in my shop for Christmas, but whenever I thought to do it, it was always a little too late and I was swamped with Christmas orders anyway. But this year, most likely because my mind has been on listing the pieces from my art exhibit which has taken me a couple of weeks, I actually managed to get it done!
   I've made 6 so far, and some of them are very limited in number. The reindeer, for example, are a real nuisance to make because of their antlers, so I'm not planning to make more than the number I currently have in stock. The arctic hares were quite tough, too, so they're also limited, and while the younger reindeer weren't as bad I've still decided to limit those, too. I think it's nice to have limited pieces because it makes them more special as gifts or as treats for yourself. Mass-producing doesn't have to mean factories, after all, and the more there is of something the less special it can be.
   I haven't decided if the snowmen and robins will be limited, but I've not listed more than I currently have available, so if they sell out I might consider making more. The arctic foxes are just alternatives to my normal foxes, so they'll be restocked.
   I'm hoping to get more pieces up in the coming couple of weeks, but only if I have the time. I've just had an increase in orders to keep me busy, so only time will tell. Unlike the pieces that are available in my store year-round and made on demand, these Christmas and winter exclusive pieces will only be listed when they currently exist.

NaBloPoMo November 2015


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