Friday 27 November 2015

Etsy Black Friday Sales

   Black Friday is upon us and many shops have already started their sales. I usually would have held a 10% discount in Peaches and Pebbles from the 25th to the 2nd, but this year I've decided to increase the amount but reduce the timeframe - though I admit that the ratio is far from the same.

   This year I'm offering 20% off, but only for today, and again on Monday 30th - so if you miss out today, know that the sale is coming back at the start of the week. The code is BLACKFRIDAY2015

   Etsy isn't doing much to promote Black Friday - instead, they've been focusing on what makes Etsy gifts unique, and I actually think that this is a much better approach. I've always hated changing my titles, tags and descriptions to fit into Etsy's Black Friday searches, it knocks my products off of relevant searches in favour of being thrown into a massive and far less specific search, and because it's less specific, relevancy is pretty much impossible. But despite this, and the fact that it never worked out for me, I always did it, so I was really pleased to see Etsy's alternative take on it this year. I don't feel the pressure of having to compete with completely different sellers just to be seen.

   But because of this, a lot of Etsy sellers are struggling to get their sales noticed, so I've decided to host an Etsy link-up for anyone having a Black Friday Etsy sale.

Link-Up Rules:
1) Don't put your shop name, instead write your product type. Mine would be 'woodland jewellery', for example. This way readers won't be overwhelmed by shops and not bother visiting them at all, but rather will be able to find things they might like quite easily.
2) Make sure your discount code is visible in either your shop's banner or your shop announcement
3) Alternatively, if you have a sales section instead, link directly to that, not your whole shop.

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