Sunday 1 November 2015

It's November!

   It's November! Yaaaay! That means - and I can say it without restraint - it's nearly Christmas!! So you can expect my blog to get super festive now - but I will try to keep control of myself. But as I'm participating in November's NaBloPoMo, as I do every year, it certainly makes content a little easier! So consider this post number one!

   It's getting chilly outside, and it's said that this winter is going to be quite a cold one. We won't get snow in the UK at Christmas, though, because someone already went ahead and said "we might get snow this Christmas!" So that's put an end to that already. But I've broken out my winter coat, and that was good fun. Aside from it being the prettiest coat you ever did see, it still fits - just. I bought a beautiful snood coat in 2013, but as I dusted it off in 2014 I found I'd shrank out of it. It was a size 14 and I'd done exceptionally well with losing weight that year, so it wasn't surprising, but it was gorgeous and I wanted something similar. I found one and bought it in a size 12, and while that fit quite snug initially, it's also become a bit too big. Every time I wrapped it around myself towards the end of the winter the buttons were always closer than I expected them to be. I decided not to buy a new coat until this year, but when a trip out with Seeg's parents prompted me to pull the coat out of the wardrobe this year, I found that, while it was indeed on the large side, the belt-up waist and general massiveness of the snood meant that no one really noticed. Plus I have complete freedom to move my arms around and that's obviously important when you're a small person because you have to reach or point a lot. So, fortunately, I don't need to buy a new coat this year - and it's just as well because I was looking a few weeks ago and I can't find anything anywhere that I like! Though, to be fair, I think I could just get the buttons moved on the coat if it's really necessary...
   Yep, how about that? I actually talked about clothing which wasn't fitness-related!

   As for this photograph, as you know there's a load of squirrels that frequent the bird feeder in my back garden and have done for about 2 years now, but a week ago there was a new furry face out there. He was skinnier than the others, but not in an unhealthy way. His coat was shiny and he seemed perfectly fine - basically, it was a youngster. If looking at it didn't make that obvious, his behaviour certainly did. He was wandering around the garden cautiously while two others were gathering nuts, but though he was being cautious, he was being very nosy. Peering into pots, climbing things the others never went near and even looked in through the conservatory door and then tried to climb the glass. It failed and gave up quickly, but it was still adorable.
   Before it climbed the bird feeder, it climbed a few of the small trees in the garden instead. I got this picture while it was in the first, and I absolutely love it. Autumn colours and a young squirrel = win as far as I'm concerned. I even uploaded it onto my Deviant Art page and enabled prints - without watermarks, of course.

  I'm quite looking forward to blogging every day - it's not an easy task to come up with worthwhile content, but I have some filler posts that I'm quite happy with ready if I need them! So, prepare for some daily blogging, at long last!

NaBloPoMo November 2015


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