Wednesday 25 November 2015

A DIY Christmas

   I've worked through a high street Christmas, a designer Christmas and a handmade Christmas. Now it comes down to the individual: a DIY Christmas. Make it all yourself - the decorations, the food, the accents. It can sound daunting, especially if you want it cohesive, but once you pick a theme - such as the arctic, rustic or traditional Christmasses I've already touched on - you'll find it can become quite simple. An arctic theme, for example, is dominantly white, silver and glass with a few warm or coloured accents. So typical stainless steel cutlery, white crockery, white baubles and lots of paper decorations and you're all set with the basics. But if it's going to be handmade by you, you'll want it to be wondrous - I do, anyway. So cut paper snowflakes in intricate designs; add pearlescent sheens and silver glitter to existing white decorations; paint usually bright or detailed pieces like stag decorations, antlers, even a bowl of fruit, entirely white; use white fabric paint to paint snowflakes or spots onto a white table cloth - they would never be exactly the same shade of white.
   In short, in such a case, the handmade quality is in the detail and, occasionally in the case of a white deer or bowl of fruit, lack thereof.
   See? It doesn't need to be daunting!

   I'm on Pinterest an awful lot and I've done every Christmas search under the cold, winter sun. There are lots of things I want to try that I will, won't and would love to but can't, and I've collected up the best for this DIY Christmas post! All link back to their original sources - or as close to the original source as the pins will allow - to various blogs and websites. I've tried to pick out crafts that are simple but also pack a big punch, but not all are the case. I may have also slipped in a post or two of my own...

DIY Tree Ornaments

Simple letter ornaments by Pizzazzerie ♥ Easy glitter baubles by A Pumpkin And A Princess

Home Decorations

Rudolph toy animals by Camille Styles ♥ Candy jar mantle on Midwest Living

♥ Homemade evergreen garland by Craft Thyme

Mini marshmallow topiary by A Blackbird's Epiphany

Christmas Food & Baking

Sugar cookie decorating gift set by The Partiologist ♥
♥ Pinecone cakes by A Blackbird's Epiphany

Peppermint egg nog punch by The Crafting Chicks ♥
♥ Peppermint Stick Platter by Munchkin Munchies

Chocolate orange Christmas tree puddings by A Recipe For Aperture ♥
♥ Chocolate forest cake by Chocolate And Carrots

Christmas Table

Moss & red berries tea lights by Kristin Eldridge ♥ Christmas tree place cards by Martha Stewart

Swanky stir sticks by Julie Blanner ♥ Wreath chair backs via Merriment Events

♥ Miniature Christmas stocking favours by A Blackbird's Epiphany

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas wreath gift wrapping by Craftberry Bush ♥ Black & gold marker wrapping by Lil Blue Boo

Confetti wrap by Style Caster ♥ Home printed wrapping paper by The Pretty Blog

Ornament cluster gift topper by Homey Oh My ♥ Lace gift wrap by A Beautiful Mess

Christmas Fun

Gingerbread man pinata by Studio DIY ♥ Washi tape snow flakes via KNOT Magazine

Giant ornament balloons by Studio DIY ♥ Ceramic tree tealights by A Beautiful Mess

Christmas story snow scene by Salt Tree ♥ String ball winter scene by Sempre Clarisse

NaBloPoMo November 2015


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