Tuesday 17 November 2015

Christmas S'mores Cones

   Christmas. I love it. Can you tell? And every year I try to make original treats for when my nephew comes over to keep things interesting. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.
   Last year I made some Christmas s'mores cones but never got around to posting them. It was hectic over Christmas and once Christmas Day was over, I admit I was very down in the dumps and didn't want to put the post together. It can't be helped; I suffer from major cases of post-holiday blues. But that means that I can post them this year instead. And they're so easy I'll probably make them again! All you need are mini waffle cones, candy melts, chocolate, marshmallows and some bits to decorate them!

   Little Christmas tree s'mores! Amazing hot or cold! Pop them in the microwave for a minute or eat them as they are.

You Will Need:
miniature waffle cones (I used Food Angles)
white candy melts
Wilton spruce green colouring
mini Smarties or coloured chocolate sprinkles
marshmallow fluff
tooth picks
piping bag
optional edible glitter


1. Find something to stand your cones in. I used Food Angles' because, of all the different products I viewed, these were the only ones packaged appropriately enough that they wouldn't shatter in transit, and this was reflected in all of the customer reviews, too. They also came with a stand for the cones which is ideal when filling the cones as I did.

2. Fill a piping bag with marshmallow fluff - this is messy, so it helps to have a sink filled with water ready to mop up after yourself before it spreads and to clean your hands. Pipe the marshmallow fluff into each cone, about 2/3-3/4 the way up.

3. Melt the chocolate and spoon it in. Mine went wrong; Galaxy Bubbles is not much good for melting, presumably because of whatever is added to the chocolate to get it to bubble and stay that way. Smooth Galaxy, however, works just fine, as will most chocolate. Because the Galaxy Bubbles didn't work it ended up just softening rather than much else, making a sort of paste. It tasted fine, it just didn't look it. Either way, it added chocolate to the cones, as intended, and helped to keep the marshmallow inside.

4. Stick a toothpick into each cone and let the chocolate set. This will make it easier to coat them.

5. Once the chocolate has set, melt your candy melts, be they PME, Wilton or whatever, and add a touch of green colouring - I used Wilton Spruce Green very sparingly to keep it light.

6. Dip the cones in the coloured candy melts one at a time and, using the back of a teaspoon, wipe it around and downwards to get the lovely smooth-but-messy effect. Add the small smarties or coloured sprinkles to the tree after it has been dipped to ensure they stick, then sprinkle some glitter over the trees if you're using it - this is another messy job.

   Don't try to remove the toothpick. Instead stand them over the holes of the cone stand so that the toothpick goes through the holes. The cones are larger than the holes, and larger still once the candy melts have been applied. They won't fall through.
   Note: Candy melts harden quite fast. Doing each tree one at a time ensures that everything goes smoothly; you can remelt the candy melts if it starts to get too cool to work with.

7. Once they've set, carefully pull the toothpicks out from the bottom while they're still on the stand. This will help prevent any of the smarties coming off or glitter from getting everywhere.

   I think they came out wonderfully! You could also make Santa hats by colouring candy melts red and cutting up some mini marshmallows.

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