Monday 1 December 2014

December: Dumbbells & P90X/2

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   I'm being unimaginative again this month and following the same alternating workout theme I have been for two months already, but again with two different workouts. Simply put, it seems to work.
   While I've loved using kettlebells these past two months, this month I'm working with dumbbells. The first of the two workouts is strength- and resistance-focused, as always, and is put together by Justin Gelband from ModelFit Studio in New York, where many cover models work out to keep their amazing shape. I've found the workout on trusty yet again, so I've got a good video demo and written description of each move, which is super helpful.

   Looking through the eight different moves, it's clear it's going to be a challenge but I also know that I can do it. None of the moves are familiar in their current states, though I've done simpler variations of many. As a result, I can already feel the serving tray squat in my biceps just by looking at the demonstration. But, they do say to use small weights. So, rather than a 6kg (12lb) kettlebell, I'm looking at a 1.5-2kg dumbbell (3-4lbs). Something I can control that won't tire me out before the set is complete. This workout seems to target the whole body again, too, which is excellent, and it's what you really want. That's also the beauty of kettlebells; due to their larger and unevenly distributed weight, they take the whole body to use. They're not made for bicep curls, they're made for swings and triangle stretches. I'm certain it's going to be stupidly taxing, but I do know that it's within my power to do it.

   The second workout to be done on the alternating days is body-weight focused again, like pilates, but it's much closer to the pilates routine I did in October with HIIT than it was to November's Booty Barre. It's been put together by Tony Horton, creator of the P90X, P90X2 and 10-Minute Trainer, using the best moves from each. It's made up of eight moves again and the circuit is to be done twice. There's more cardio involved with moves like the punch sprawl and the screamer lunge, which is what makes it resemble October's routine a little more, but this is good. It's mostly body-weight that you use, but there's also a gym ball that appears for one or two moves, either as an aid or as a tool, and it's not specified whether or not the ball is weighted like a medicine ball, normal like a football, or light like an overball. Either way, as all I have is an overball, I'll be using that.

   This workout looks a lot harder and less enjoyable than last month's, but as I have had to remind myself more lately than before, this isn't for fun, it's for results, and with Christmas just around the corner and the giant box of goodies Seeg bought from, I felt it was very necessary to turn it up a notch or seven this month. I will not be giving in to difficulties by swapping out the workout like I did last month. While I do still maintain that it was the right thing to do, I also still feel slightly disappointed with having to have done so. But while I'm not dwelling on it, I'm not going to let myself do it this month. I have another workout planned for January which is going back to my old routine of trying out new DVDs and stuff, and I'm quite excited about it, but I'll talk about that then instead of now.

   I'll update in two weeks with how it's been going.


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