Tuesday 30 December 2014

Things I've Learned This Year

• Take motivation wherever you find it. If listening to the Avatar soundtrack while working out motivates you to get fit and defeat the Firelord, so be it.

• Doctors are there to help you. Don't pester them about a sneeze, but don't brush things off if you're genuinely concerned about them. You might just need a medical professional to tell you you're worried over nothing.

• Never tell someone that something's easy in an attempt to motivate them to try it. If it turns out that it's actually really hard, they'll give up quicker and feel worse about themselves for struggling. If you want to motivate them, tell them how great it is, not how easy it was for you.

• Do a good deed and tell no one about it. It's more selfless to not take credit. People don't need to know. You don't need a pat on the back. The person's gratitude is enough.

• If you write a series of blog posts with tips on how to do something, be sure to follow them yourself. I forgot about my fantasy writing tips blog post series and made a few mistakes in my last book - the very mistakes which my blogging series was written to help others avoid.

• The difference between a stalactite and stalagmite: tights hang down.

• It takes testosterone to bulk out with muscle - not exclusively, but as women have far, far less testosterone than men do, it's much, much, much harder for women to get as muscular as men. Women tone and become lean with weight/strength training, unless they seriously, seriously work at it and take a bucket-load of supplements every day, so the next time a woman tells you she won't use weights when working out because she doesn't want to turn into She-Hulk, it's a load of bull and she's the one missing out big time.


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