Tuesday 16 December 2014

A Very Pinteresting Christmas - Again!

   Another post of Christmas baking suggestions found on pinterest (and perhaps one of my own), for both cakes and sweets. Each of the tutorials I've listed below I have either tried or intend to try, and they all have wonderfully unique looks that will easily get Christmas dinner guests or party-goers talking. Each pin has a clear and concise recipe - you can't go wrong!

   This patterned arctic roll cake is to die for! Look at that fabulous design! And it's so easy, too! Just as is shown by La Receta de la Felicidad, pipe a design onto parchment paper and spread a cake mixture over the top! It works in the same sort of way as chocolate transfer sheets do - so easy, and so effective! Plus, I love arctic roll! It's perfect for either summer or winter!

   These gingerbread cheesecake bites would be wonderful for a small coffee (or in my case that would be hot chocolate) get-together this Christmas. They're so small and so simple, Rebecca's recipe on The Cherry On Top, adapted from Created By Diane the recipe suggesting pre-made gingerbread dough and where to find it to make it that little bit easier. I struggle with gingerbread myself - well, that goes for all biscuits and cookies, really - so the fact that they've made it around a premade dough is perfect for me! I can taste them already!

   Tiny gingerbread houses instead of dunking biscuits. You can't get more festive than this! Despite Cake Time being a Polish blog, this recipe is in English and the free gingerbread template is relatively straight forward once you compare it to the picture of the finished piece. I'd love to try this, but as I've mentioned above, I'm a nightmare when it comes to biscuits so there's no way the dough would keep its shape once it came out of the oven. Even if the dough was premade and essentially fool-proof. But that doesn't mean I won't try!!

   Pinecone Christmas cakes! The size of an actual pinecone and consisting of just chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, broken biscuits and powdered sugar. And they're not as awkward to eat as you'd think! This Christmas recipe is actually mine, but surely I'm allowed to add it to my list, right? As with the mousse-filled houses shown above, this requires a silicone mould as well. Of Easter eggs. Easy to find on ebay and amazon, though!

   A Berry Pavlova Christmas wreath! How fabulous! The colours are exquisite, and Gillian of My Square Frying pan has given some valuable tips through trial and error alongside her recipe. Not enough bloggers do this, which can be a nuisance as, if they get lucky on their first go, or a complete nightmare in the kitchen like myself has a go, I'm not going to know what to do when things inevitably go wry. But with advice such as not taking the pavlova out of the oven until it's completely cooled (which can understandably take a while and for someone as impatient as me, this tip is invaluable), she's made it much easier for others to try themselves.

   These homemade holiday lollipops from Just A Taste look amazing! So festive and so simple! If you've ever made hard candy, this is a cinch. Kind of. All right, if you've made hard candy successfully several times then this is a cinch. It's a very temperamental thing to make, but when it works, it works so well! These would be great for adults as well as kiddies - I know I'd be happy to be given one! They'd look lovely all displayed together, too!

   Another winter candy piece, if you can manage the lollies above, then this is the next step! Sprinkle Bakes shows you how to make these amazing twisted candy icicles with minimal ingredients and a microwave! Brilliant! I'd love to try these myself if my most recent attempt at hard candy hadn't gone so badly, but maybe if I'm feeling brave! They look incredible, but I think we can all agree that it's the incredible colour that delivers half of that impact! Just look at it! It's actually my favourite colour!

   Hot chocolate truffle balls, perfect for get-togethers, gifts or cold nights in a blanket. They look wonderful, and there's little doubt that they taste great! Just add hot milk and stir away! It's a very simple chocolate ganache recipe that, when heated in milk, will melt beautifully. I'm planning to make these for a few friends and a million more for myself. If there's one thing I love at Christmas - aside from food, decorations and old British comedy shows - it's hot chocolate. It is simply a must, and the more innovative ways to enjoy hot chocolate, the better.


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