Saturday 6 December 2014

Why You Should Shop Small - SmallBizSatUK

   Today is Small Business Saturday in the UK, an event designed to help promote small businesses on and offline. Many retailers are offering discounts or promotions to entice shoppers to break away from their usual big-name habits and try something smaller, something newer, and it goes without saying that small businesses can do more to some degree than the big names.
   Small businesses are not bound to the services of the head office, and can offer tailored experiences or even custom made products to shoppers because of it. A highstreet jewellery shop may not even be willing to order something in for you, but handmade or local jewellery shops can create a unique piece especially for you, working alongside you to make sure you get what you want. A highstreet coffee shop may not offer your desired coffee and wouldn't be willing to make it off-menu, but a small bistro may well be more than happy to experiment, make something new, and add it to the menu. A highstreet clothing shop certainly wouldn't adjust garments or make the same item but in a completely different fabric for you. If it's not on the rack, you're not having it. A local or handmade clothing shop may well be more than happy to create your dream dress, tailor made, and give you exactly the unique look you're after.
   Smaller businesses can also provide generally better customer service than a lot of highstreet shops, with prettier and more careful packaging, more knowledgeable advice and information about their stock, and maybe even offering a hot chocolate while you browse!

   There are many ways you can get involved and support small businesses. Go to a market for your food instead of a supermarket, shop from places like Folksy or Etsy for wonderful handmade goods, or pop down to Etsy House if it's in your area, or go to a smaller hairdressers or other local service to make a difference. Big names don't always mean great quality. There could well be some gems hidden right on your doorstep!

   My own shop, Peaches and Pebbles, is offering a one-day sale in honour of the event. Using the code SMALLBIZSAT14 you can get 20% off store-wide. Plus, I'm just 9 sales away from 500, and since it's the season of giving, and 500 is an amazing milestone, I'll be giving the person to purchase the 500th item a few extra free goodies! You can see how many items have been sold on the left hand side of the shop page beneath the contact button and feedback rating.


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