Tuesday 23 December 2014

Closed for Christmas

   Well, as much as I love my shop, I can't say I'm not glad the Christmas rush is over. Absolutely everything went on the back-burner while I tried to stay on top of orders, but I think I managed! I got most orders out within 3 days rather than 5, and while I admit that I did end up losing sleep during the last week of sales, an immense weight was lifted from my shoulders on Monday when I posted the last of the orders from all shops, as well as all remaining gifts.
   I had a hugely successful Christmas, doubling from last year which is incredible, and I'm extremely satisfied with everything. The postal service has been quicker than expected in most cases, too, which is excellent when you consider that Royal Mail was privatised earlier this year. I also posted out a lot of orders as quickly as I could that were placed just after overseas posting deadlines in the hopes of them still arriving in time, but I admit that I have little real idea of whether or not they have. I really hope there won't be any disappointment!

   I've not had the chance to do anything but work on my shop lately, but I did ensure I had the time to exercise every day. I've not missed a single day yet - in fact I even upped the ante with half an hour of yoga every other evening. I don't really subscribe to the spiritual side of yoga, I just find it enjoyable, relaxing and, with ashtanga, I do work up a good sweat at the same time. I needed a way to unwind (or, rather, wind and unwind), but I've become so obsessed with using time efficiently over the past month that I had to get more out of it than simply finding myself some space - just sitting in a bath wouldn't do, but with yoga I come out of it feeling great and having burned off a few calories. Perhaps I'm obsessed, who knows, but I can't say I've been eating perfectly with Christmas so close by. Chocolate tends to assault me at this time of the year, so I think I've got the extra energy to do it.

   However, I've now 'closed' the shop for Christmas. I can still reply to messages and orders can still be placed, but nothing's being made again until December 29th, and nothing's being posted until January 5th. I've given myself a week away from crafting and two weeks away from the post office, and I'm very excited about it. The other day, for the first time in what feels like forever, I could actually sit down and watch something with Seeg without having to split my attention three ways. It was great. I'm also sleeping better now that I'm not working from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed (literally). I had just enough gingerbread green tea to go around, too! I bought about 7 boxes of the stuff and I've got 2 cups left, so while that does mean that not all of December's orders get a free cuppa, at least all of the orders up to December 22nd did. And most likely the next 2 I get, as well :D

   I want to thank everyone for their support of my shop this year, and this Christmas in particular. It's great to see so many handmade gifts being given, and it's been brilliant to work with a few people on custom pieces. I even made one for a friend for Christmas, but I won't show it on here yet in case she sees it! I'm stupidly proud of it though!
   I also hit 500 sales at the beginning of December, and since then I've whizzed past it like it was nothing, which kind of makes me sad in some ways because the significance of it has kind of faded. But, it's exciting nevertheless, and the 500th buyer was very pleased with her free gifts, as well as the product. Yay!

   So thank you to everyone who has featured my shop on their blogs, included it in treasuries, and tweeted/pinned/facebooked my products, it's been a huge help and I'm over the moon. But I'm also very glad for the rest, now!


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