Monday 8 December 2014

500th Sale

   I'm so excited! Today I received my 500th sale on Peaches and Pebbles! I'm over the moon! I never expected to have gotten as far as I have, especially since I never really took the shop seriously. Don't get me wrong, as soon as someone purchases one of my pieces I always make their orders a priority. Their money is hard-earned, and to them my shop is a shop, not a hobby. But either way, I'm still so pleased!
   The 500th buyer (whose identity is secret due to the gift-purchasing season - you never know who could be reading what!) will receive a few extra goodies - she doesn't seem at all aware that she allowed me to hit the landmark, either, which makes it all the better.

   Thank you to everyone who has bought from me. My Christmas purchasing deadlines are racing towards us, and in fact the last date to purchase from me in time for Christmas from the US/Canada is the 9th of December - that's tomorrow! So if you're planning a purchase, don't leave it too late!
   All deadline dates are visible in my shop announcement window beneath the shop banner.

   This has definitely put a boost on my day! I hope other Etsy sellers are having great success this holiday season! ♥


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