Friday 3 October 2014

Real Nutrition Co Are Changing & Free £10 Gift Card

   I go to Real Nutrition Co for all of my post-workout and diet shakes. They taste great and they work, but part of what's always kept me coming back are the sales. Their prices are high because their ingredients are high quality and subsequently expensive to work with, but every now and then they run a massive flash sale on one item in particular which is when I stock up. For example, a pack of 12 pre-mixed Monster shakes were £33, but occasionally they'll be lowered to £9.95 for a day. A box of 12 protien bars would cost £26, but sometimes they drop to £14.50 for 3 days, and sometimes I'll receive a card in the post for 50% off of my entire next order, or £20 off of orders of £45 or more. These keep me coming back - as well as the need for the product, of course.
   But it looks like things are changing. They're doing away with the frequency of the sales in favour of completely lowering prices across the board as of right now, as a lot of people have expressed a desire for more affordable prices more of the time. And I can appreciate that. And while with an announcement like this I might usually say "guess I'd better go somewhere else" because it's usually only during the sales that I purchase and so save more than I would with generally lowered prices, I'm so convinced that RNC are the best that, for once, I'm just going to stay put.

   There's more info here on the Real Nutrition Co website, as well as hints at new products, such as 'lean protein' which looks to be a mix of their diet shakes and Muscle Shakes Lite, but another range of products I'm a little too excited about: clothing.

New Customer Incentive: 
Never bought from Real Nutrition Co before? Fancy giving it a go with the lower prices? Well you're in luck! Use this gift card code to get £10 off of your first order of £15 or more, and it's valid on absolutely everything, from protein powders to bars and well-being mineral capsules.


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