Monday 27 October 2014

Hermaeus Mora Cookies

   After my monster eye cookie tutorial in September I couldn't help but have an idea. There's a god in the Elder Scrolls, a daedric prince called Hermaeus Mora, the keeper of knowledge, and he usually appears as either a void of darkness or a mass of tentacles and eyeballs. Lovely, isn't it? Well, he's one of my favourite daedric princes alongside Sanguine, and when making cookies with eyeballs peering out at me I couldn't help wondering if Hermaeus Mora cookies would work.
   Well, I think they did.
   I used the same cookie mix and the same method for making royal icing eyes, I just changed their design, and I also used black fondant for the tentacles. Despite how inedible they look, they taste great. It's just cookie, icing and fondant, afterall! Though I admit that I took the fondant off when I had one, since it was a bit much, but I think they look great and, for once, so does Seeg.

   Unfortunately the cookie dough didn't stay completely black for some reason, even though the colour took really well on the original monster eye cookies, but nevermind. In all fairness, as you can see below, he's black/green anyway, so I'm happy to settle for how it's turned out!

The vision of Hermaeus Mora I based them on:

Oghma Infininom.

Edit: And excuse me for feeling the need to mention this, but it's freaking awesome:

Hermaeus Mora himself approves.


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