Tuesday 21 October 2014

Inktober - Week 3

   This week's Inktober is a little different to the last. I decided to draw a guy - boring, really, because female shapes are much better to draw - and I also did a little messing around on the computer to give him magic. He is a void mage, hence the purple and black magic in his hands. I did have the intention of trying to give him magic with ink but that would have required using techniques I've never tried before, and I would inevitably ruin it by rushing in before practising enough first.
   I'd like to say I'm proud of his expression, but I can't take the credit for it. Grimmjow from Bleach is one of my favourite Arrancar because of his expressions. He looks completely normal one moment, then turns around with an expression like the one above. He's freaking awesome, and I've always wanted to draw the expression but never had much need to. I don't generally just sit down an draw, I'm usually drawing characters, individuals with purpose, but since I started participating in Inktober I've started to just draw, and it gave me a good opportunity to try.
   But also, look at his hair! I'm so proud of it, and I'm really, really proud of the coat, too. I've never been good at fabric in general, let alone moving fabric, so while it was a challenge, I'm damned pleased with the outcome ^^

   Same pens as always: Faber-Castell PITT super-fine black pen for the lines and ZIG Art and Graphic Twin Tip Markers in black and warm grey with a blender.

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