Monday 20 October 2014

Paperchase and Christmas

   It's one of my favourite occurrances: Paperchase releasing their Christmas stuff. There are two places I must visit every year: one is Cadbury garden centre in Congresbury, and the other is Paperchase, because they're both excellent at Christmas! And while the garden centre is still setting up this year's Christmas displays, Paperchase are releasing their new Christmas products! Decorations, wrapping paper, cards... I buy every year, even to the point now where I've got nowhere to store the decorations and nowhere to display them, but I can't stop!

   I almost always buy a stag or two, every year different colours become available, and now it looks like they're going two-tone. I also can't help buying boxes of 2cm glass baubles. LOOK AT THEM. Look at them arranged in their lovely organisedness! I've got 6 boxes. There's no helping me.
   I also like to buy my cards from Paperchase. I'd love to get them from Etsy but the prices of boxes are often too extreme to justify, not to mention the fact that most of the cards I like don't come as box sets anyway! But I admit I buy them loose from Paperchase still, sometimes, and this year will be no different. Baby cheeses, peas on earth and mince spies. I absolutely love it. Fortunately I have very few people to send cards to, so at least it doesn't cost me a fortune to buy nice ones.

  Paperchase are especially good because they have both grown up decorations as well as whimsical ones and kiddy ones. There's definitely something for every taste, and every year I buy a mix. I always think I'll be buying the grown up stuff, but I don't...and let's be honest, calling it the 'grown up stuff' should be enough to suggest I'm not grown up yet by itself. Age means nothing! Every year as soon as I see the first glint of tinsel I regress 13 years. Even writing this post I had to fight the urge to put on Christmas music.
   The downside is that Paperchase release new products very frequently, and while they're releasing new Christmas goods, some of the first items to come out that year disappear. I don't like to buy too frequently, so I usually pick out the stuff I want and wait for more to appear before buying, but this means I miss out. This year I may well not do that, for once. I'll buy what I like when I see it. Because...well, because Christmas.


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