Tuesday 14 October 2014

Inktober - Week 2

   I have to say that I'm surprised I managed a second drawing. It's not that I don't have the time or the desire, it's just that I usually either forget or succumb to the pressure of knowing I'm putting it on my blog...but I have to admit, given that I've not drawn for so long, I actually think both this week's and last week's drawings are quite good. This week's is better, though, in part because I didn't bother with any background. I feel like it cluttered up the last one. 

   This week I stuck with the tribal theme and draw the Goddess of the Hunt - not an Amazonian thing or anything, it's just that I'm working a lot with tribes and gods lately for my next book, so I couldn't help going the same kind of way.
   I love her hair so much, it's wild but not excessively so. Seeg said 'why is she so naked' - well, because she relishes in the hunt so there's little need for armour? I dunno. Women just have a great form so I can't help it.
   Her weapons were a real nightmare for me, I had to keep repositioning her bow and I tried to have her firing it initially but I couldn't figure out perspective without making her look like she had a hand three times too big for her body, and she's not part of the Akimichi clan so that's no good. In the end I decided to go for a spear and kit her out with several things. She has a spear with a notch-tally of beasts killed with it, a bow and quiver on her back, a skinning knife on her thigh, and a horn and an atlatl at her hips. She also has a tiger skull on her shoulder, though admittedly it's way too small for a tiger, but its teeth are too long, too, so I think I can get away with saying it's just a big cat. I wanted to put a bear skull on her head but I didn't want to flatten out her hair.
   She's got a few scars on her chest, abdomen and leg, and face paint on her face and one arm.

   I used the same pens as last time - Faber-Castell PITT super-fine black pen for the lines and ZIG Art and Graphic Twin Tip Markers in black and warm grey with a blender - and the same A4 300gsm paper. I'm dead proud of this one.

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