Sunday 19 January 2014

Valentine Card & Feather Ornament

   I decided I'd try out Valentine cards this year. I had a few ideas, and some I still intend to work out, but one I came up with that I'm really happy about are these feather ornament ones!

   I took small 4inch feathers and made them into ornaments the same way I did at Christmas, but I put them on a card instead. They can be removed and hung up, so it's like a little gift and card in one! Plus I think it looks quite nice ^^ sadly I had a bit of trouble trying to get the colours right in the picture because of bloody winter light, so the actual colours are more pastel than suggested in the pictures. The cards are A6 (10x15cm) and come with envelopes, and the feather is 4 inches long from tip to tip, not including the thread.

   There's only one available at the moment, but all I'm waiting on are more cards which should arrive in a couple of days. I've got about 12 feathers ready though ^^

Please keep in mind last Valentine purchasing dates:
UK: February 11th
Europe & USA: January 27th
Asia/Australia/New Zealand: January 13th 
   I'm going to add more of these to my shop very soon for birthday cards and other holidays.


  1. What a fun and cute card idea for V Day! I'm sure there will be plenty of people appreciating your hand-work this year :)

    1. I certainly hope so! I really need the money! :P

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you very much ^^ You have a really lovely blog by the way! Gorgeous ♥ thanks so much for coming by :D

  3. This is gorgeous, I love it!


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