Friday 10 January 2014

Birthday Sale - Biggest of the Year

   It just occurred to me: I don't like to make discounts or have sales for more than 20% off because of the time it takes to make my products. But each year, when my birthday comes, I turn my new age into the birthday discount's percentage - so this year, the discount is at 23%, but that's made me realise that this is very likely to be the biggest sale of the year in my shop. By 3%, sure, but it does add up. It's not likely at all that there will be a sale bigger than 20% off after this sale.
   Remember, it ends tonight!

   Also, I've got a few new necklaces! Unfortunately the pictures aren't much good due to poor winter light but I've done my best. It's called my Spring Tea Party Collection - it sounds fancier than it is really but nevermind! It consists of three necklaces that look far better than their pictures, I assure you :( there is a slice of good old victoria sponge cake, a cup of tea, and a lovely white tea pot, and they're £18 each. Though, with my birthday sale, they're about £13.86 I think.


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