Wednesday 22 January 2014

Too Much Stuff To Talk About!

   These are the exclusive cat jars I sent to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium. I had sent the same before but the parcel, typically, went missing. I'm hoping that it will turn up soon and they can add it to their stock because that really sucks for both of us. Either way, I remade them and shipped them off on Monday ^^ They look far cuter in person.

   This is Alto, a dalmation/husky cross. I made it as a custom piece for someone on Etsy. It was great to make, but difficult. I struggled more on this little fella than I did on Buddy the Boston Terrier, which was recently received and fortunately adored ^^ I hope this guy gets the same reception! This is my third custom pet piece, the first being a trio of little ratties I posted a bad picture of a few weeks ago.

   I mentioned that I took part in && A Happy New Year by Papered Thoughts, and this is the second part of the project that I received from Lissy. I absolutely love it. No two pages in this notebook are the same! And I have to admit a deep seated love for notebooks. And you'll know that I love the notebook you give me if I never use it. Notebooks I love never get used for just random notes. They're given purposes. Some notebooks go on to be used for products ideas and shop business like record keeping. Others will go on to be used for drawings or sketches. Others will be given the high honour of being used for plots and ideas for future books I will write. And both notebooks she sent me will probably go a long time before a pen hits either of them because I love them so much.

   I decided to try a new kind of business. When my birthday came along I was determined to decorate, but I had no ideas. So I ended up looking around on Pinterest and the like and saw so many wonderful things. Those things ended up giving me ideas for other things, and I decided that I liked it. Ebony Fawn has been open since last October and just sold things like Christmas downloads - letter to Santa paper, stickers, tags and so on. I sold about 4 pieces but I never really expected much from it. Ebony Fawn is now where I'm going to stock a small range of party and celebration stuff, like confetti balloons and my feather ornament cards. More colours for both balloons and feathers will come soon, as well as other products I'm currently working on. I'm quite excited about it, but I have a lot of projects in the air at the moment so my attention is being somewhat divided!

   I'm working on a few Valentine posts and crafts at the moment and while it's enjoyable, it's hard. I struggle in the kitchen like you wouldn't believe! But I'm getting there, slowly, and each project is harder than the last. It's gotten to a point where the final project is likely to fail, but I have to try! I haven't failed until I've given up!

   I met with my lovely lovely friend Lucy over the weekend. She's brilliant, she really is, you can't not like her. She's the best person in the world. We exchanged Christmas gifts (and my birthday gift) when we met, and she bombarded me with Story Cubes. The idea is, you roll the dies, go in an anticlockwise direction and make a story out of all of the images shown on the upward faces. You can make a really quick one, or you could take it much, much further and actually make it into a proper story rather than a limerick of some kind. Seeg and I had a go and it was genuinely hilarious. The things we were coming out with were so funny. It's great because you can interpret the images however you want. She gave me Classic - a box of 9 dies with basic images like a lightning bolt, magnifying glass, smiley face and so on - Perhistoric - 3 dies with volcanoes, dinosaurs, cavemen and so on - and Enchanted - 3 dies of witches, wolves, castles and so on. You interpret the images however you want. Seeg made me laugh when he saw a slightly perturbed face and said he was constipated, and when he got to the dice with the lightning bolt, he...well the man wasn't constipated anymore. I'm English, I can't help finding toilet humour absolutely hilarious!

   I hope everyone is well, I do have a post to go up about my two week trial with Ilumi, and I have some Valentine pieces just about finished, but I have to pace myself or I'll fill the blog up for a week and then there will be crickets chirping again!


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