Thursday 9 January 2014

Look What This Lucky Devil Won!

   Okay, so for the majority of you reading this, this will mean nothing to you. But back in 2008, when Fable 2 was released, Seeg had bought the special edition of it which promised the game, bonus game content, a Hobbe figurine (a hostile creature from the Fable world of Albion), some tarot cards which are featured in the game's cinematics, and some other stuff. Unfortunately, demand for the game and the special edition were so high, next to none of that stuff was ever added to the special edition, instead you just got the game and some bonus content, maybe some art, I'm not sure, but either way, it wasn't what he or many, many others had payed for, and he was quite bummed out about it.

Typical Hobbes; they wear what they find, not always correctly. Some Hobbes take to wearing boots on their heads. It's said in Albion lore that Hobbes are children that got lost and had their souls stolen by dark Nymphs.

   Or so he says. I didn't know Seeg at the time. But I did play Fable 2 shortly after its released and I LOVED it. It was the first fantasy game I'd played - in fact it was the first game I ever played, from start to finish. I've played it through 5 times since, each time intending to play a different character, but I always ended up making the exact same choices and turned into a goody two-shoes wearing the same outfit every single time.
   Unfortunately, while the Hobbe figurines do exist, they're very difficult to come by, so Seeg and I were never able to get one once he told me about it.
   Lionhead Studios, the bastards company responsible for destroying creating Fable had a Fable Advent Calendar on their Facebook page - every day there was a new prize, and to my knowledge only one winner a day. Well, I entered every day that had something interesting, which was like 16 of the 24 days, and guess what?
   I won day 10: the Hobbe figurine.

   I was so freaking excited! Don't get me wrong, I'd have loved to have won the custom designed Fable Xbox 360 and complete Fable Anniversary game with bonus content, but having won the Hobbe figurine is awesome, because we're both really happy to have it, especially Seeg, at long last. He's so funny. He comes with a leg of meat and a saucepan, the latter of which is typically used as a helmet.

   He came in today, which was a lovely extra birthday treat! Seeg demanded to play with him first, and being a gracious and tolerant Queen birthday girl, I let him. But I had it shortly afterwards!!


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