Tuesday 7 January 2014

&& A Happy New Year - Project 1

   I participated in Papered Thoughts' && A Happy New Year project this year. It was split into two tasks: the first was to basically stuff new years eve into an envelope and send it to your partner, while the second was to stuff an envelope with good vibes, happy thoughts and other nice things. Unfortunately, shipping delays have meant that my package didn't get to my partner until January 4th, so it was a bit late, while I had mine around the 27th of December.
   My partner was the lovely Lissy of Dragonfly Keep, and she sent me this lovely little package. The notebook features a countdown from 10 to 1, in new year's fashion, and she left me space in the back, after her lovely new year's wishes, to write my own resolutions or make tiny paper aeroplanes. I have not decided which I will do :P
   She also sent me a cup of tea - hugely appreciated - and some skelanimals stickers, which, frankly, are awesome. I don't stick stickers unless I want them there forever, so I rarely stick them, but I can never resist buying stickers - they're so awesome!
   Thank you, Lissy, for your wonderful package - I hope you liked mine, and I hope I manage a better job on project 2!


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